What is Braaper?






Braaper is a portable Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone or music player, allowing you to play music wirelessly.
Designed by a leading Italian art designer to resemble a competition motorbike exhaust system, this small, bluetooth, portable motorsport inspired speaker delivers incredible sound.

  • Play music through your smart phone wireless or trough mini-jack input
  • Use the Braaper as a Speakerphone
  • Hear the roar of a motorcycle engine when you start it up or pump up the volume at rev limiter

It's up to you! There is nothing like the Braaper.

As in the racing world, we designed two versions. The stock version and the Factory/Racing edition. Both use the same sound quality but the Stock version beyond just be a great product, we have teamed up with MotocrossLAB R&D that have created a Factory edition Braaper with racing grade features: made by CNC aluminum and real carbon fiber material. Ruggedized and water resistant (using the specific silicon cover) to be used in different conditions. 

    A product with an elegant design, innovative and technologically packed

    Braaper he portable Bluetooth speaker design by a leading Italian art designer to resemble a competition motorbike exaust system.

    The first prototype:

    International patent design
    Braaper is a revolutionary speaker both in the technology it employs and its design. This makes it perfect for anyone who loves high-end, rich sound quality on the go. The design of Braaper was not an afterthought, but a key aspect of bringing this product to life.

    We applied the same R&D approached used in motorsport to develop a groundbreaking speaker both in its features and design.

    The Stock Edition for Cafe Racer motorbikes fans
    Stock Edition Braaper speakers are made from high quality ABS plastic casing with attention to detail and Motorsport level finishing. Their unique design yields the maximum music performance and with standard GOPRO supports compatibility it offers top portability. The finishing is completed by a real fine metal front wrap band, fixed with aluminum rivets!

    The Factory Racing Edition 
    The Factory Racing Line is the flagship of the Braaper speakers. We have teamed up with MotocrossLAB R&D that have created a Factory edition Braaper with racing grade features. They are made entirely of CNC aluminum and real carbon fiber material. Completed by a real fine metal front wrap band, fixed with aluminum rivets! Products feature racing grade material and finishing, providing better scratch resistance than stock edition.

      User-friendly and features packed

        State of the art Stereo mode feature

        Do you want a stereo? It couldn’t be any easier. Just connect two Braaper speakers and all the rich sounds will instantly be available in stereo! The sound is separated into true Left and Right stereo signals. 

          Special features – a little extra whenever you want

          We commited ourselves to achieve the best product possible starting from a great design and a cutting edge technology. We also wanted to speak directly to the heart of motorcycling enthusiasts from all over the world, so we have devised special features that really make you jump up on the couch!

          Premium materials and Motorsport level finishing.
          High quality ABS plastic casing for the stock version and in the Factory version the upper cap is made by a real racing carbon fiber material with CNC aluminum base – both version finished of by a real fine metal front wrap band, fixed with aluminum rivets!

          Engine Sound Effects

          Just like a competition racing engine, the Braaper is small, lightweight and incredibly powerful. As a result, it packs incredible audio quality into a streamlined and compact form but that's not all.... We also wanted to speak directly to the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts around the world, so we invented truly exhilarating special features.

          We replicated the sound of a motorcycle’s engine. When you start up your Braaper, you’ll hear the real sound of an engine roar, and it gets even better! Pump the volume to maximum, and you’ll hear the alert, which sounds like roar of engine at the “rpm rev limiter.” Just turn off the speaker, and you will hear a real engine stopping. Everyone (and not just those who love motorcycles) get a thrill from this fun feature.

          Compatible with iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Windows, Blackberry and more. Bluetooth freedom or mini-jack input Best quality Bluetooth 3.0 wireless streaming or cabled music input via standard 3,5mm mini-jack - Your choice! Works wirelessly over Bluetooth connections, meaning Braaper seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones and more!

          Music player function & Call function
          Do you want to change song but you don't know where your iPhone is? No need to stand up and look for it around the house or the officewith Braaper you can change the volume and control all the music functionalities directly from the speaker's buttons.Receiving a phone call? Braaper is also an incredible speakerphone. We’ve added top-of-the-line noise cancelling microphones to make your call sound even better.

          Dual Stereo Pairing

          Link two Braaper’s and place them in different areas of your home to create a seamless wireless audio set-up, or alongside for amazing stereo experience.

          Independent speakers mode
          Stereo is great, but Braaper can do even more! You not only can use two Braapers for real stereo (Left and Right separated signals), but also to hear the same music in two different rooms. The music that you would usually hear through a single speaker is replicated through two speakers! (Now this feature is settable by native phone settings. A new App coming soon)

          Designed for fast and easy mounting.
          Cam and helmet cam compatible- it's easy to use currently available market supports to attach your Braaper on a bicycle, inside your car, the wall of your garage, anywhere in your home and more. (Use a standard cam screw mounting support or attach a standard helmet cam support.)

          Battery endurance
          Powered by a rechargeable, replaceable lithium battery for 4-8 hours of rich and vibrant sounds anywhere.

            Use cases

            What if you could bring the thrill and excitement of motorsport and riding a motorcycle to wherever you are, whenever you like? It sound impossible, but it’s not. The Braaper offers incredible sound quality and can used wherever you wish.

            Use it at home or in the office

            Thanks to a dedicated Y sound splitter and Braaper Stereo mode function, you can enjoy the audio of a movie or a song from you TV, PC, IPOD, directly from your Double Braaper

            Mount it in your car or on your bike!

            ...or on your bike

            ..on your scooter

            Moto fans will have a new way of enjoying the thrilling sounds that only comes from being on a motorcycle, but that is only the beginning!

            Outdoor and along race tracks

            Braaper on the beach...

              Braaper's Creator - Maurizio Di Mauro

              I love motocross! I have ridden motocross for 30+ years and raced at the national level for 10 years. I created MotorcrossLAB.com so that I could fully embrace two of my great loves: new technology and motorcycles. Braaper stands as a salute to the PowerSport world and is also an expression of my passion for music, street dance and life itself!

              “Maurizio Di Mauro, the founder of Braaper, has been responsible for numerous inventions including a remote controlled wireless goggle system designed to push mud away from goggle lenses with the touch of a handlebar placed button, a marketplace system for matching demand and offers for truck transport services, a Chat Bluetooth mobile application, game app, software tools for managing and tracking motorcycles maintenance and racing setup, Infrared and GPS Lap Timer Racing Chrono, up and more. Additionally, Di Mauro has won the Italian eCommerce Industrial Ministry Award, has served as an assistant professor at IULM University and served as director of the Master in Multimedia Communication program at the IED-ISC in Milan. His company MotocrossLAB.com designs, develops and distributes top PowerSport brands throughout Europe.”


                We have completed the industrial design - and spent months testing (and more importantly using) prototypes and refining the Braaper from great to delightful.

                Our specialist American production partner - a highly experienced power supply engineering and manufacturing company — is ready to complete the final production design and guide the Braaper through BQB, CE, RHOS and REACH certifications, before tooling up at the factory and getting your pack of Braapers shipped as soon as possible.

                This is the timeline

                  Why are we using crowdfunding?

                  Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to reach people who care about innovation and seeing independent innovators bring their products and ideas to life. Your help is invaluable!

                  In our particular situation, we also see Limoney as being a phenomenal way to also help spread the world about helping injured riders and the Riders for Riders Association. Limoney affords us the opportunity to encourage people to participate in our innovative crowd sponsoring campaign for supporting riders and associations for injured riders. Simply stated, we can’t do this through our traditional distribution network.

                    Supporting riders

                    Additionally, we will also contribute to the Riders for Riders Association, a non profit organization dedicated to helping injured riders, as we will devote 5% of our revenues to help riders who have permanent riding related injuries as well families who have lost the a child during a race. For more information:  www.riders4riders.it 

                      Braaper Rider Support Program

                      As a fan of motocross for over 30 years and a rider for 15 years, it is important to me to both work with other riders and help support riders too. We are very pleased that riders are backing this project and enthusiastic about it in a myriad of ways.

                      Braaper offers a range of support for chosen riders at all levels. Our support program consists of discounts on products, referral commissions plus free apparel and accessories. 

                      What does the Rider Support of Braaper?

                      The Braaper Rider Support Program is a marketing initiative that allows riders who have many fans on social networks, which own a website or a blog, to earn prizes or rewards every time their fans will contribute to the Braaper campaign clicking on an advertising link that we will provide. This service is completely free and very easy to use.

                      The rewards offered are as follow:

                      • 1 Free Braaper  if at least 10 Fans will contribute to the campaign going through your advertising link
                      • 1 Free Braaper  + Sponsorship equal to 5 % of the total procured if more than 10 Fan contribute to the Braaper campaign  going through your advertising link.

                      For more information join the Braaper Team: click here!

                        How the funds will be used

                        At this stage, we have already produced our design and prototypes. We also patented the Braaper design in Italy, Europe, as well as the rest of the world. Funds raised here on Limoney will be used to:

                        • Tooling
                        • Manufacturing
                        • Logistics
                        • Patent related issues
                        • Shipping
                        • App development
                        • International certifications CE, REACH, RoHS, FDA

                          A special reward - MXGP BRAAPER VIP GOLD SKYBOX PASS

                          The exclusive package containing the  BRAAPER VIP GOLD SKYBOX Motocross Grand Prix let you enjoy the most prestigious race in the motocross world. It includes:

                          • A VIP GOLD SKYBOX pass giving you access to the venue, the paddock and the SKYBOX TERRACE located right behind the start gate so you can have an exclusive view on the track and witness the podium ceremony-yes the podium of the race for the world championship will be right next to you
                          • You can have a drink and snacks while watching the race from the SKYBOX TERRACE throughout the weekend
                          • When it comes to lunch you can enjoy the most delicious food around the paddock in the SKYBOX RESTAURANT where our staff will treat you as a TOP VIP
                          • The package includes a car B parking pass as well as you can park close to the entrance

                          Tech specs

                          Lenght: 80 mm
                          Width: 88 mm
                          Height: 79 mm
                          Weight: 255 g
                          Bluetooth 3.0
                          Input Stereo da 3,5 mm
                          Micro-USB (only for charging)
                          Power 5W, in stereo 5Wx5W
                          High performance acustic driver
                          Passive radiator for bass
                          Microphone for noise reduction and eco cancellation
                          Sound effects integrated engine: on / off / Max Volume / Ringer
                          Previous/Lower volume
                          Next/Higher volume
                          Button for devices pairing/Button for stereo paring
                          POWER & BATTERY
                          Button on/off
                          Approximately 8 hours of autonomy
                          Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
                          IN THE PACKAGE
                          BRAAPER wireless speaker
                          0,9 m 3,5 mm stereo cable
                          0,6 m Micro-USB cable
                          Sport Cam compatible adapter
                          Protective case for transportation
                          Introduction guide


                            Where does the name come from?

                            “Braap” is a term originally coined by dirt bike and motorcross riders, and it eventually made its way into the world of all motorcycles. Braap is the term used to refer to the sound produced by the engine. We thought that this term uniquely fit the spirit of our concept!

                            What if I want to upgrade my perk?

                            Just upgrade to the bundle you want, contribute the difference and send us a private comment.

                            Shipping costs

                            Shipping cost for Italy are included, the following additional costs will be added on top when the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account

                            • 5€ Europe EU-15
                            • 10€ Europe extra EU-15
                            • 18€ USA
                            • Contact us for specific country quotation

                            VAT and Custom duties

                            VAT is included when shipping in the EU. If you are outside EU You will need to pay the specific VAT and Custom duties of you country once you receive your reward.

                            Will there be an app at launch?

                            We will have an iPhone app and web dashboard for sure at launch, and will be working really hard to also have the Android app completed. If not exactly at release, then soon after.

                            Which devices will be compatible with Braaper for audio streaming?

                            Braaper is compatible with the great majority of bluetooth equide devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, smartphone e tablet Android and the majority of PCs and Apple laptops. Braaper is compatible with all devices with a headphone jack or audio line output.

                            Which devices will be compatible with Braaper for phone calls audio and video streaming?

                            Braaper is compatible with the great majority of bluetooth equide devices. Braaper features amulti-directional microphone with 360° echo cancellation for wireless speaker phone use.

                            What is the range of the bluetooth?

                            Braaper riproduces wireless audio from any bluetooth device in a range of 10 meters.


                              Braaper – The portable bluetooth speaker inspired by a competition motorbike exhaust system that delivers an incredible sound!